Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Fathers day

Father's day is fast approaching and for parents of an angel baby it can be quite daunting know it is getting closer and closer. A day to celebrate being a parent but unlike most parents no child to celebrate it with. I think people either cope really well with it or just pretend it's like any other day. I know for me on mothers day, I found I pretended it wasn't mothers day or that it wasn't a day for me to celebrate when I knew in my heart that I should have.

I have been trying to work out a way that I can do something special on behalf of Charlie for Josh. I have found it really hard because it's not like you can make a normal fathers day present. It's made me feel a bit sad as I just wanted to do something really precious and special for Josh's first fathers day. I have been thinking about doing something and calling it heavenly mail on behalf of Charlie. I did a questionaire on behalf of our beautiful Charlie.

I am trying to work out what I can do and I have a few ideas but I guess I will work it out really soon :).
We miss our little man so many, he is soo precious and even though he is not here anymore we wish he was.
To make Josh's first fathers day really special, I wish I could do hand prints and foot prints and do it each year. But I can't as I only have limited prints. I went to a sands support meeting last night and it was soo good just being able to talk to people who have also experience the horrible pain of losing a baby. We all have a cry and we all feel for each other. But we are there to offer each other love and support and talk about our precious angels without someone acting awkward and trying to avoid the topic. We can all laugh together about the silly things people say that can feel mean but you know they didn't mean it that way. It's good having their support and I feel so blessed that my lovely friend Mel found me and took me along as it has been good to get those feelings out that weren't able to come out until I went to the meetings. I could cry without someone trying to stop me or judging me.

Hope you all have a fantastic father's day and remember hold your earthly babies really tight as they are soo precious and they will make father's day each year even more amazing.

Lots of Love from Charlie's mummy,
Steph :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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